For visitors

Festival will give great vibes to every visitor, because something like this not happened year or even never in Latvia!

You can stay at the festival at hammock hotel or come with your own tent, also campers will have place where to park, but those who want to take a shower or needs kitchen on the morning, they can book tiny houses at the festival territory and stay there! Don't worry those people in the tents, food court will take care of your stomach happiness! After fantastic meal you be able to grab refreshing drink and keep watching Track Day action or go for a race with Go-Karts!

All this will take place at 333 race track, which is only 5 minute from Riga city border and main highway road betweent Baltic capitals is near the track.

For those visitors , which don't plan to participate with car, you will need to purchase entrance tickets! Follow our instagram and facebook to know when first tickets will be available. 

We appreciate to see all those people which are from very beginning with us!
See You at 333!